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Declutter FAST.  How to get your home decluttered and in order almost immediately, in the easiest way possible.  We have all had times someone comes to our home without notice ... what can we do?  Block their entrance?  LOL!!!  I hide ... well, I used to hide ... now I am set :-)  I LOVE the e-mail tips (-:  they keep me focused.

Being a pack rat myself, I understand the issues involved here :-)  LOL!  That and it seems every flat surface is a magnet for stuff.

I was thrilled to run across this book that promised: How To Declutter Your Home Immediately! Discover The Joy And Power Of Order.   

I of course also signed up for e-mail tips.  Some of the reviews are as follows (and I agree):

"You absolutely rock, Mimi and have given such comfort and solace in your encouraging words to so many people. I just love getting your stuff and have such a high regard for you. When I open my email inbox, yours are the first which I love to read because they are always so loving, supportive and positive.

"Kindest regards, Dr. Barb"

How To Declutter Your Home Immediately!

"I love getting my emails from you. It super charges me. What great motivation!!!"


"I'm here in Cambridge, England on a beautiful spring morning with a new spring in my heart.  I couldn't wait, I was reading page after page as your book was printing.  WOW WOW WOW  I have spent weeks coming into this room with the best of intentions - and just making more mess in here and the rest of the apartment, having downsized four years ago from a house. I am now 70 and with hope in my deepest soul. HERE I GO, I hope to surface from the clutter finally. Thank you thank you thank you."


"I just wanted to let you know how much I apprecitate your emails. This is the first time I've bought an e-book and actually had the author follow up with ideas and additional help. When I get an email from you it's a great reminder to keep going and never give up.  This one in particular was very helpful. I have your book out on the coffee table (it is NOT clutter!) but actually hearing the words was very motivating.

"I refer to your book all the time and it is helping me to look at 'things' in a new way."


"I absolutely love your new book!  I stayed up half the night reading it and getting a real sense of hope for my situation."

"Thanks Mimi, You give me hope!"

"Dear Mimi,
    "Your book advice has been very successful for decluttering my house. When my children were young my sister, a psychologist, would always tell me that people's houses that are in order do not have their lives in order. I bought that reasoning then, but now our children are in college so I knew I needed to resolve the clutter issue. Your ideas are simple but yet don't cause one to panic!! Job well done. Thanks."

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