Do it now day
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When one say's "Do it now" what does that mean?  And if one say's "Do it now" when does one mean to do it?

Now, this moment, today make it a "do it now day" for the rest of your life, for the time of your life.  One day at a time ... Do It Now Day.

Do It Now Day

Without knowing where one is going or how long it will take, one just drifts along.  When we get where we thought we might be going, how will we know?  Or as the Cheshire Cat said to Alice, when she came to a fork in the road in Wonderland: 'If you don't know where you are going then it doesn't matter which road you take.'

By a procrastinator for procrastinators ;-) Goals ... we need some goals (-:

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Where Wal-Mart meets Tarpon Springs Florida.  Tarpon Springs has spoken Wal-Mart. 

You may NOT build on the life blood of our town.  The Anclote River and Tarpon Springs Florida - oh what a beautiful place it is.  Please if you are able to visit a reason to know there IS a *higher power* than we are able to explain :-)

No matter your religion, your Path, or view ... it is what it is, and I welcome you friend.