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Messengers From God

We are all messengers 

It is not a question of "am I a messenger" 

It is not the question of; are any of us messengers? 

The question is what message are we sending? 

What message do I send?

Be an agent of change and listen to your self.  Quiet the noise and the other disturbances keeping that which is you quiet and listen to your self.  The more you listen and encourage that voice, the more that which is your real message to come forth :-)  With the tools available at our finger tips we have more potential than ... we have more potential than ... I am hitting a stumbling block here.

We have more potential than we humanly know possible :-)

So it was very serendipitous (or was it ;-) to have found The Secret Behind the Secret today :-)  Now if I can just find the correct links to be able to start promoting it ... YAY!!!  LOVE IT!!!

Be sure to read every word of his book.  The secret ingredient for getting everything you desire is there.

      If you think what you saw in "The Secret" DVD or book was interesting, wait until you see what Dr. Eric Amidi (a Quantum Physicist who was part of the group who discovered "Top Quark") has to show you..."The Secret Behind The Secret". This is for those whose time has come to Master The Secret.


There are two types of people of who know about the secret:

     1) Those who Master The Secret and Apply it (Winners in the game of life!  Who win every day!)

     2) The rest who think the secret is just about visualizing and daydreaming ...

How many people do you know who can honestly say they are living their dreams?

Are you?

    Even if you know about the power of “The Secret” and other manifestation techniques, you may not be getting all you can from of them.

     In fact, most people give up trying to attract what they want within a few months! They don’t see the results they’re looking for, and throw the baby out with the bath water!  The water may be dirty, but all that is, is "fixable".

This site is once again morphing as that which is morphs the winds of change :-)  I am using a wonderful software program for those who have many, many, many domains - this tool is assisting me in the growth of me as I continue to manifest that which I know ... This book is an AWESOME help ... stay tuned as I honestly can tell you, I am living my dreams ... Brightest of Blessings My Friends :-)