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Work for 3 Dollars

For a payment of US $3.00, you enter a 3x15 forced matrix. For every DIRECT referral you make, you earn .50 cents. Your first level (your first three referrals) you earn $1.00 - so you are in profit with your third referral.
HOWEVER - being a forced matrix means as your upline makes more referrals, they are shared with their downline. I just joined under what some call "Big Dogs" and I couldn't wait to get the page up to share the opportunity along with them ... hey!!! .50 cents is .50 cents ... :-)



3x15 Matrix


1 $1.00 3 $3.00
2 $0.12 9 $1.08
3 $0.12 27 $3.24
4 $0.12 81 $9.72
5 $0.12 243 $29.16
6 $0.12 729 $87.48
7 $0.12 2,187 $262.44
8 $0.12 6,561 $787.32
9 $0.12 19,683 $2,361.96
10 $0.12 59,049 $7,085.88
11 $0.12 177,147 $21,257.64
12 $0.12 531,441 $63,772.92
13 $0.12 1,594,323 $191,318.76
14 $0.12 4,782,969 $573,956.28
15 $0.12 14,348,907 $1,721,868.84
Totals $2.68 21,523,359 $2,582,805.72
The table is just an example of how earning accumulate in a perfect world.
Together - we CAN make it a perfect world.
Members earn .50 cents for ALL direct referrals, plus $1.00 (first level) then $0.12 15 levels deep. This means you recoup your $3.00 investment with only 2 people referred being a forced matrix, no member may have more than three on their first level, so all subsequent purchases into the matrix are in your downline.


WorkFor3Dollars is forced 3 X 15 matrix, as all members gain more referrals, and since buy-in's into the matrix are not limited - the possibilities are endless.
One MUST be a member of AlertPay to work with Workfor3Dollars, so if you are not yet a member of AlertPay (AWESOME alternative to PayPal - and VERY easy for new Internet marketers to set up business accounts - YAY!!!)

One of the incentives I am working on for friends who enter the matrix through one of my downline is a similar venture - but with awesome impact, using tools such as the secret and more.

Services offered - through Workfor3Dollars

 List Builde
Create YOUR OWN List of Double Opt-in LEADS of REAL Money Seekers!
Each direct and indirect member in your Downline accepted to receive emails from their upline when they joined. Our system is made so that each member will receive the maximum of 14 emails per week. You have Instant Access to your own Downline Mailer.

 Instant Download
Instant Access to $1,000+ worth of Digital Products as soon as registered!
Access to 4 very valuable and informative e-books worth $1000+. All the Ebooks come with Resell Rights.

 Big Earnings!
In a forced matrix plan there is a set number of direct referrals you may have. If you continue to recruit new affiliates after you have reached that limit, they will "spillover" to become sub-affiliates of your direct referrals. For this reason the earning possibility through our matrix is really BIG!
This opportunity is truly UNIQUE; don't miss it!